My room is in a state of chaos at the moment, and I'm in my last couple of days of living here until I go to Sydney for the holidays, then go overseas for a month and a bit, and then come back to B's house, temporarily or for more longterm. Going away for two months and leaving this house at the same time, all loose ends must be tied up.

I came to Melbourne last October with one big suitcase and a bursting backpack. Over several visits to Sydney and back, I've brought over more of my belongings - clothing, objects, documents, fluff. Buying furniture and odds and ends to pad my room out even more, to make it feel more me.

Having gotten a fair way into packing up, I can see now that I've got a lot of stuff. My room no longer feels like my place to stay in Melbourne. Even with all of my belongings displaced and arranged into boxes upon boxes, this room still feels mine.