I generally don't like making resolutions every year. I lost interest in using the change of the year as an excuse to reinspire yourself (time is an artificial concept, etc). I had three job interviews last week and that has given me hope that I'll be able to find some work (and have some choice about it) very soon. I feel good and bad about starting work again - I'm dreading starting something from square one, I'm nervous about introducing obligations and routine into me spontaneous and free schedule, however I'm looking forward to feeling like I have a purpose, and I'm look forward to having money to curb my stress over leisurely spending and to fund my personal projects.

B and I went to Sydney the other week, and while we were there at my family home, we looked through my art diaries from Years 7 to 12. Particularly in my art diary for Year 11 and 12, it was fascinating seeing the research and experimentation that went into making something for a high school art assignment. I printed excerpts from websites that I thought contained interesting concepts, and I brainstormed my ideas and how I could express that in a physical form. I had forgotten how it was to document and expand my ideas in such a way, especially since I haven't been using Tumblr for that purpose for the past two years. I used to document things too digitally, and then I documented things too casually/sporadically, and now I don't really document things at all.

Apart from measured goals (make bags, make a zine, earn money, read more), I guess my resolution for this year is to become familiar with my ideas and opinions through documenting them on paper, reading and researching more, mind maps. It's definitely something that I feel that I've lost.