Vivid + Seekae

I saw Seekae at the Sydney Opera House last night and it was better than I expected for a seated show. They had live percussion (which I believe they have for all live shows), and more vocal parts than I thought they would have in a regular venue. I thought the most pleasant surprise was the eight-piece string ensemble which complemented their electronics for the first third or so of the set. I could be more specific about which songs were stand out but I can't ID live electronic music for my life (i.e. writing about it on my shoddy blog. At Mount Kimbie, a friend and I were talking about how reviewers do it - "they probably steal the set list"). However, I can say that the songs they played for the encore were Void (which pleased the audience, myself included under 'audience') and Centaur (two words in uppercase: LIVE PERCUSSION) were splendid. The encore did its job. All in all, I thought they made it interesting and worth it for the seated audience, and I don't think I will experience Seekae like that in any other venue.

Before the show, we walked around Circular Quay and The Rocks and looked at the lights. Worth checking out, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are allergic to people. These are some photos from my portable telephone.

Getting home though = a nightmare and three-quarters. Despite this, a good night.