Photos taken in Hangzhou, September 2014

In Year 7, our English teacher gave us an exercise to do in every lesson - she would pick a word, theme, or phrase, and everyone would spend five minutes writing anything about the word, theme, or phrase that she picked. Doing it was a chore, but reading back on those pieces of writing amuses me.

Lately, I've been reminiscing a bit. I still haven't gotten over my old workplace. They went to Hawaii last week, and this week, the office was evacuated because of the terrifying siege in Martin Place. I made contacted with my former manager for the first time in a few months, just to check up on how it was for them, and was grateful that she was grateful that I had made contact. Photos of their Hawaii trip have started coming up on Facebook, and I added another girl whom I hadn't had as a Friend before. It gets me a bit down to see that the company is moving on without me, that friendships at the place are getting closer when I've all but nearly broken off all contact. It really does made me feel a bit depressed that my life seems like it's at a stand still - two and a half months without a solid job and nothing to prove for the 'downtime' that I've had. Your perception of time gets so skewed when there is seemingly nothing to do. Often, I find myself wishing I had a time machine so I could go back and do things differently, with the hindsight that if I didn't do things differently, I would be in my situation now. Not that I regret the past two months; I sort of don't feel anything towards how I've spent it which is perhaps even worse.